Sunday, July 26, 2015

PaperSmooches Sparks: Happy Birthday

Today's PaperSmooches Sparks Designer Draft challenge is a card highlighting my first time using Zig Clean Brush Markers.  Oh la la...I'm not normally a marker kind of girl, but oh how I love these vibrant colors. Ardyth and Tracey enabled me with their gorgeous cards using these markers.  An Amazon purchase and a few video tutorials later I was having fun using these!  Before I die cut the flowers, I blended a few colors on card stock and then die cut the flowers and stems a few times.  The sentiment was die cut, colored and then blended a bit to give it a bit of a distress feel.

This card features the following fabulous PaperSmooches goodies:

Be sure to pop on over to the PaperSmooches Sparks blog to play along and check out our fabulous design team!

Karin Ã…kesdotter

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Time Out: You Are Appreciated

Happy Friday Eve my friends. It's time for another challenge over at Time Out.  We have a super fun inspiration card (below) from Alice at Alice's Little Wonderland.  Be sure to pop on over to her blog to be inspired. I loved the fun, whimsical design of her card and decided to play along using her sketch layout.  Many of you know I don't typically color but am enjoying the Zig markers and decided to make this super vibrant card. My favorite part of the card is the leaves and the pink flowers.  Think I need to still work on using my purples and blues! I'll keep playing with those markets to get it down better!

Be sure to pop on over to the Time Out blog to be inspired by the amazing TO team...and of course to play along!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cards for Co-Workers

Happy Friday eve.  Today is my Friday as I'm off for vacation starting tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it!  I have two cards to share today both for co-workers. The first is for a co-worker who was just diagnosed with colon cancer.  Certainly praying that the doctors caught it early.
 The second card featured above is for a co-worker who lost his dad last week after a very long battle with lymphoma.  I decided to not go with a traditional sympathy card but rather the Irish Blessing. This just felt more appropriate to me.

Both of these are being entered in the current Verve Inspiration Challenge.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Note of Thanks

A quick note of thanks for a new manager at work who is doing a phenomenal job. Love seeing how he is leading his team and quickly picking up the ins and outs of his job.  So...I played along with the current CAS(e) this Sketch to create a fun little inky card just for him. Happy middle of the week!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

To Be Nine Again...

Happy Tuesday ...I have a card (a baby card for a co-worker not tied to any challenge!)...and then I have a Marcel post for you.  People ask me all the time, did you keep trying to have a girl?  And my consistent answer is no.  I simply didn't feel done after Collin was born or maybe better stated, I didn't feel like our family was complete.  Sometimes I feel as though people don't understand that as a parent your heart can swell with love for the child you never had, the child you may have lost or all the children you do have.  My heart swells with love for my boys...each for their unique personalities.  Man oh man did I never realize how much love could be inside me for my children. I'm going to chat about Marcel. That little man (who really isn't that little, but will always be my little man) makes my heart swell and who has a personality that connects people to his heart. Here's a few of my favorites about Marcel at nine years old:
  • Mom, "When I get older, I think I'm going to help people with heart problems. And I think Collin will be a cooker at a fast food restaurant."  So why does he talk about helping people with heart problems?  One of Marcel's best friends is Bobby.  Bobby was born with down syndrome. To Marcel, down syndrome doesn't mean a thing.  To him it means, Bobby has a heart problem. He loves Bobby with all his heart.  I would love to see Marcel grow up to "help people with heart problems". 
  • He's in Peter Pan this week and next and he LOVES being on stage.  In his words, "I have lots of lyrics this year."  Comparing himself to last year in Oliver, he has about 10 to 12 lines versus one (love that he calls lines "lyrics").  Throughout the whole performance he smiles; even when Hook is yelling at the Lost Boys, Because he is so happy being on stage...he smiles through the whole thing. I wish I could learn that 9 year old lesson. Smile away...when you're happy smile, smile away!  
  • He loves music.  He will write out the lyrics to his favorite songs one of which Ryan's show choir sang this year (Twenty One Guns by Green Day). Or he'll share with me, Mom, "Have you listed to the new Twenty One Pilots song?  My  number one wish is that I could get an autograph by Twenty One Pilots."  Of course, this made Ryan's day because Marcel is following his musical taste.
  • Conversations with him are hilarious.  He loves he wouldn't say that he loves vocabulary, but if he doesn't know what a word means, he will definitely ask, remember it and use it in proper contact. Here are a few recent examples:
    • "Mom, I went to get Collin from Jake's, but he is slow as a sloth."  Asked him what a sloth was, "I don't know, but it makes sense, doesn't it?!"
    • "Or...tomorrow night, the elderlies are coming to watch Peter Pan."  The folks from the local nurse home were coming to watch the show.  We are wondering when you go from being old to being an elderly and decided we might now want to know his answer.
    • Pat and I are regularly trading texts about him.  The most recent was Marcel saying, "Screwing is not my thing."  That sounds really off color and Pat was dying laughing, but he was talking about unscrewing a bottle.  
  • He may not want to hold my hand very often, but he still loves a kiss good bye or a kiss good night or a cuddle on the couch. Oh how I cherish those moments.
My little man simply makes my heart swell. Here's a picture of him in action at Peter Pan.

And yes..I realize I posted a baby card for a girl...subliminal...not sure!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Thinking of You


I'm in love with my new Zig're going to be seeing them quite often for a while over here so I hope you don't get tired of them!  Of course, the orange and yellows are my favorite colors ( surprise there either).  Thankful that I watched some of the videos over on Catherine Pooler's blog so I knew what kind of paper to order to use them on.  The UPS and US Postal Service have been enjoying all the deliveries to my door, but I'm not sure my wallet is!

Anyways...enough chit chat!  Here's my card for the current CAS-ual Fridays challenge of embossing...I took the simple route and embossed by sentiment.  Happy Monday...this is a short four day week for me as I take off Friday to get ready to leave on vacation on Saturday.  Can't wait!

Friday, July 10, 2015

You Color My World

Oh la have to love new dies!  I was super excited to get these Frantic Stamper art palette dies and have a little fun coloring.  Coloring is not normal for me on my projects so it was fun to color a bit outside of the lines so to speak for this card.  For the palette, a touch of color was added with water color markers and then spread out a bit using a water brush pen.  The paint brush was colored using the same technique.  To finish off the card, I added a touch of paper, striped vellum and two strips of washi tape along with a few enamel elements.  This card was inspired by the layout on this card.

FRA-DIE-09594  Paint Brush and Palette Die